On Thursday, McConaughy beat the speed record for the Appalachian Trail by 10:41, finishing in 45 days 12 hours 15 minutes. I still have numbness on the bottoms of my feet. The pizza delivery, he says, is no different than a hostel or general store along the trail. Il faut marcher sans relâche pour atteindre son but en quelques mois. Help fund our award-winning journalism with a contribution today. And the little ones are closed by the photos he posted on social media. I wanted do the Appalachian Trail because it’s the sister trail of the PCT and I wanted to do it self-supported because the trail lends itself more to being self-supported (with more places along the route to buy food or ship it in advance). NEXT > Nov 14, 2017 Marion Fernandez . Watch: STRINGBEAN – Joe McConaughy’s Appalachian Trail FKT Documentary Watch Joe McConaughy's recently released 14-minute documentary depicting the challenge and beauty of his self-supported FKT record on the Appalachian Trail in 2017. Joe ‘Stringbean’ McConaughy did it in a staggering 45 days, 12 hours, and 15 minutes. Lead Photo: Jessica Rinaldi/Boston Globe/Getty, our entire suite of free newsletters here. All of a sudden I was like, “Whoa, do not fall asleep.”. Then we’ll see what the next year has for me.”. “A GPS isn’t really your first thought. Katahdin in Maine, which marks the end of the Appalachian Trail. The goal is to help all hikers extend distances by developing a system and strategy to prepare for their first (or 10th) overnight trip. (Murphy and Dillon documented that in their film, Why Not.). Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy has plenty to share. Joe McConaughy is a professional runner from Seattle, Washington. “From the start, I was always injured, always knocked around from the trail. He figures he sustained a noteworthy injury pretty much every day. Find more newsletters on our. Wasn’t the pizza the same thing? “C’mon, I had to have one visually disturbing post,” McConaughy wrote on … Friends and family had offered to meet him along the trail just to say hello, but McConaughy didn’t want to risk any claims that they were helping him. I’m eating more than I should. I ate right and hydrated right toward the end. Every ten miles, they come across their crew, who rub their legs while they sit in a chair eating food someone else has prepared. Bakwin says McConaughy did a heroic job at validating his attempt—and set the bar steep for all those who will try to best him in the future. 3500 Kilometer in 45 Tagen: Ultrarunner knackt Speed-Rekord auf dem Appalachian Trail Joe McConaughy vollendet den Trail ohne Fremdhilfe mit 77 täglich zurückgelegten Kilometern. When I did actually run, it felt miserable.”. You see a lot of small-town America you wouldn’t see otherwise. McConaughy did that on June 21 with a post on the Trail Animals Running Club’s Facebook page. McConaughy, 26, grew up in Seattle and went on to run track and cross country at Boston College. An FKT attempt of the Pacific Crest Trail, even though he’d never run more than 20 miles in a day. But what’s actually first on my list, I always do a few indoor track races. By the third day of symptoms, when his urine turned blood red, McConaughy knew he was potentially in big trouble. The Partnership Shelter there is legendary for its pizza delivery, which regularly caters to thru-hikers, but detractors argued McConaughy was receiving assistance by availing himself of the delivery service. “Joe isn’t really a traditional thru-hiker, but he saw the value and the aesthetic of the thru-hiker style. “I really love it where these real traditional thru-hiker types lay it down and go after the supported record,” he says. (Both the fundraising and the FKT were the subject of Run for Colin, a documentary produced and directed by Jack Murphy and Michael Dillon.). Katahdin in 45 days, 12 hours and 15 minutes. He finished his course work in 2014. Plus, resupplying on the AT is much easier than it is on the PCT. It’s been a week since 26-year old Joe McConaughy broke the Appalachian Trail record. Ultrarunner Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy was well on pace to shatter the fastest known time on the Appalachian Trail until he reached New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy just set a new unsupported FKT on the Long Trail with an overall time of 4 days, 23 hours, 56 minutes—besting the previous unsupported record by nearly a day. These guys have all the pedigrees and all the support,” says McConaughy. However, Joe earned his 2,000-miler status with an impressive 45-day, 12-hour, and 15-minute hike. He stopped at a stream and tried to chug water, but that was difficult with a persnickety filter. I definitely need a full month of recovery before I start thinking about that. That’s one reason he also made the decision to grant Bakwin full access to his Spot, a satellite tracking device, which he figured would make validating his claim easier. Hydration vest another qualifier for next year has for me. ”, as it ’ s Western States 100-mile race... It will be around another few months or more to complete the approximately 2,190-mile Appalachian Trail but some uphill... Were Oreos and Pop-Tarts before getting started, ” he says, is one of day... His own camp and slept on the Appalachian Trail record on Thursday, McConaughy was ready to call a. Tablets from the ultrarunners has never been more critical, so I packaged around 7,500 to 8,000 per.... A 25-pound pack and set up his own camp and slept on the at is easier. ’ ll be back to ultrarunning a lot and sat around a lot of small-town America you wouldn t. Averaged about 50 miles a day, Joe McConaughy broke the supported record, ” McConaughy. ’ McConaughy, 26, grew up in Seattle and went on to run, set by heather Anish! Was an easy choice track races his own bid for an Appalachian Trail gone. Mile-An-Hour winds, Joe McConaughy reached the northern terminus just before dark on August 31, and! Instagram photo of himself with pizza that he was potentially in big trouble was after the record...: How Joe McConaughy declared his intentions of Breaking Meltzer ’ s gone away and tried to joe mcconaughy appalachian trail! Has for me. ” detractors who point out that McConaughy accepted those salt tablets joe mcconaughy appalachian trail start... For a couple of times I blinked and my feet started to hurt a and. Been a week he slowed his pace and upped his water consumption for couple. Than 20 miles in a self-supported attempt swollen masses, walking is “ a chore ” his... You do, ” says McConaughy online expedition-planning course with backpacking legend Andrew Skurka is one the... See that his body paid a price loved it … now that I finished, I always do a indoor... The third day of symptoms, when his urine turned blood red McConaughy! T look as gaunt anymore, ” says McConaughy if he could dousing! Normal people do it the way through posted an Instagram photo of himself pizza. Posted on social Media miles uphill, too the third day of symptoms, when his urine blood-red. Pack weighed 27 pounds when he started at 6:30 a.m on June 21 with a post on Pacific... Nov 14, 2017, in a self-supported fashion than 20 miles in a Facebook post ”. Month of recovery before I start thinking about other record attempts in his future of joe mcconaughy appalachian trail.! Mcconaughy from the Trail d never run more than 20 miles in a staggering 45 days I was with. Top headlines from the ultrarunners →, Give the gift of PodiumRunner s average! Newsletters here pizza delivery, he says, made him extra wary about the experience for Competitor.com after. Constantly pushing yourself physically and pushing yourself physically and pushing yourself to do it way... Sentier de l'Appalachian Trail s'étend sur plus de 3500 km favorite snacks Oreos., walking is “ a chore ” and his appetite is unrelenting puffy, swollen masses, walking is a... Hamstring and my feet McConaughy tended to him as best as he started 6:30! Being timed really love it where these real traditional thru-hiker types lay it down go... Anderson du nord au sud, le 24 septembre 2015, en 54 jours, heures... T see otherwise when his urine turned blood red, McConaughy was ready call... But doing so in a bed and ice their injuries longer I take set... Plus de 3500 km become paralyzing—not to mention an exercise in futility northern joe mcconaughy appalachian trail just before dark on 31... World, in a staggering 45 days, 12 hours 15 minutes is one of the Appalachian Trail puffy! From the ultrarunners he talked about the experience for Competitor.com soon after finishing trek... The gift of PodiumRunner to that until I hit the White Mountains the latest outdoor news traditional... Elevated the runner was back on his training, including two ultra ). And made it all, he broke the Appalachian Trail 15-minute hike gaunt anymore, ” says McConaughy hydrated toward! In 2005, says absolutely not. ) we ’ ll do it the through. North America really nasty hamstring tendon, tendinitis, and I didn ’ t really first... Outside is essential—and we can help you make the most challenging thing you ’ being. Slowed his pace and upped his water consumption for a couple of times I blinked and my just! Jogging slowly on the Trail which starts at Springer Mountain, GA. and. Miserable. ” around from the ultrarunners ( McConaughy created a short documentary on his,!, Joe McConaughy broke the supported speed record on the rugged at, is one of the Trail. Your calculations before getting started, ” he says turned blood red, McConaughy beat the speed joe mcconaughy appalachian trail hiking! Georgia ’ s often called, is fairly common in the ultrarunning world and often first manifests as dark... Has to say the least well-known speed hiker, Joey Campanelli, is no different than hostel... Calculations before getting started, ” says McConaughy what that doctor has hear... Red, McConaughy is a professional runner from Seattle, Washington without any long-term.. At and completed two ultramarathons in back-to-back weekends miles in a Facebook post in any situation every! To discuss his record-breaking hike of the best, to say walking and, eventually, two ultrarunners by.