I hope they make it to the Moon. Joe Pera Talks With You is the most singular show on TV, both one of the funniest and one of the most touching.—Garrett Martin. Plus, the Mark Hamill cameo was absolutely killer. Most of How To was shot before the pandemic, but with his patience, understanding and empathy John Wilson is an ideal balm for this lamentable year.—Garrett Martin, The second season of Joe Pera’s remarkable Adult Swim show started near the end of 2019, but most of its episodes premiered in 2020, so it makes the list. Absurdity is absolutely the key here. Never Mind The Buzzcocks was a musical themed comedy panel show that started in the 1990s and ran up until the 2010s. The denizens of this far-from-bustling town quietly astonish each other with great frequency; like most people, they are almost always more than they seem. Though Maya and Anna occasionally still play with dolls and engage in incredible silliness, it’s more timid now than when they were in grade school. The bigger visual gags aren’t massive setpieces, but sustained silliness (Editor’s Note: Never has a toothpick or the pronunciation of “Tempe, Arizona” been so important). It was a laid-back good time filled with the hilarious injection of out-of-touch vampires Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and Laszlo (Matt Berry) into the land of the living. From Adult Swim to ‘dank memes’, modern comedy is confronting the illogicality of life in 2019 Hosted by the hysterical James Acaster and Josh Widdicombe, Hypothetical invites different comedians on each week and gives them various hypothetical situations throughout, with the comedian having to give an answer to the situation. That’d be selling the show short, though. The brainchild of Alex Horne, Taskmaster is hosted by Greg Davies, with each season bringing a new crop of comedians on the show to complete tasks for the titular Taskmaster (Davies). It’s also very funny at times. That being said, one show from the past decade has definitely risen above the others, though all of the shows on this list are well worth watching whether you live in Britain or elsewhere. Have I Got News For You is one of the longest running panel shows of all time, with the show starting in 1990 and continuing through to the present day. 0. And after all the joy John C. Reilly has brought us, he’s earned the right to some peace and quiet. That is certainly the case for this final season, especially once watched removed out of the strangely appropriate timing that is this pandemic. If you’re looking for a teen comedy that reflects the ups and downs of real life and is actually funny, here’s your chance. Sky Atlantic’s surreal new comedy This is Jinsy arrives on our screens tonight, so it’s a perfect time to look at some of the greatest weird and witty shows that have come before it. It feels like a miracle that Miracle Workers got a second season on TBS, but the fact that it’s as funny and strange as creator Simon Rich’s first oddball take on the afterlife should have comedy fans praising the heavens. Huzzah. TikTok channeled our surreal new normal. The 54 best TV shows to watch on Netflix. Thankfully the show’s getting another chance to win people over. It’s not enough to just be edgy, or even malicious. Best sketch comedy TV shows of all time, including 'Saturday Night Live,' 'Monty Python's Flying Circus,' 'Mr. 10 Best British Panel Shows, Ranked. In his HBO series How To with John Wilson he looks to these street scenes for guidance on topics big and small, from “How to Make Small Talk” to “How to Improve Your Memory,” narrating it all with halting, unsteady observations that are usually as poignant as they are hilarious. We’re not naïve enough to think a TV show can change the world to any appreciable extent, but Last Week Tonight continues to open eyes and influence thoughts, and that has to be good for something.—Garrett Martin, NBC Universal’s The Amber Ruffin Show immediately established itself as one of the funniest shows in late night when it launched on the streaming service Peacock back in September. Their show is always hilarious and never feels nearly as dull, rigid or impersonal as the network late night shows.—Garrett Martin. It was a show stuck between audiences—the people who would most love it never saw it because they’ve largely tuned broadcast out, and the people who still regularly watch the legacy networks didn’t vibe with its slightly surreal tone or surface-level cynicism. A script this cleverly bombastic requires very specific handling to balance its humor and drama, and both Hoult and Fanning are luminous as the ill-matched new couple. Shomprakash Sinha Roy - December 13, 2018. He is clearly one of the most emotionally and mentally fortified people on the planet, and to our ongoing benefit he’s dedicated that strength towards entertaining us while also pointing out everything that’s fucked up about this world. “After an award-worthy trilogy of decades together,” Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara) tells her daughter early in the final season of the exemplary Schitt’s Creek, “your father and I still astonish each other.” Of the many things Pop TV’s deeply empathetic comedy gets right—and make no mistake, Schitt’s Creek gets pretty much everything right—the rarest is that exact quality: astonishment. The Best TV Shows of 2020. —Jacob Oller, This bitter parody of ‘80s and ‘90s sitcoms—particularly Miller-Boyett Productions’ raft of “TGIF” sitcoms for ABC—has the tonal qualities and absurd angles you’d expect from Tim and Eric. The humor is quick, witty, and understated, made even more unique by the brilliantly offbeat deliveries of its stars. By. —Garrett Martin, It’s been around for six years, but it’s still amazing how absolutely hilarious Last Week Tonight is while also doing deep dives into some of the most depressing and stressful things you could ever talk about. ... with clips from the series going viral— particularly from the many surreal stories of Bob Mortimer. But even watching it now, as I said: It just kind of hits differently. Bio. —Allison Keene. One of TV’s most underrated comedies, the surreal Man Seeking Woman remains the best TV show about dating. For instance, aside from the continuing genius of Reeves and Mortimer on TV, it was Shooting Stars that gave Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Bridesmaids) his big break on TV. It’s a ridiculous satire of entertainment journalism with a side of sci-fi and some predictably amazing puppetry from the Henson folks, all meant for adults but still appropriate for older children.—Garrett Martin, In its second season (the first of two parts, the second of which will air in 2021 per Hulu), the show continues to explore school-age traumas like gossip, unrequited crushes, being desperate to fit in, trying out new curse words, being mean to your parents and immediately regretting it, and above all becoming self conscious of your own awkwardness. For those that are unfamiliar, a panel show is basically a game show, only celebrities are typically the players and comedy is almost always the focus. Erskine and Konkle capture this by being bold in their performances—one of the show’s greatest, strangest tricks is that the actresses are in their early 30s, yet somehow fit in seamlessly with their teenage co-stars. Emotionally affecting as a complicated dance of horror and hope, Catherine’s outright victories may be few and far between, but the journey is thrilling. —Jacob Oller, © 2021 Paste Media Group. Votes: 38,212 | Gross: $0.20M Three Busy Debras, an absurd parody of suburban privilege from Sandy Honig, Mitra Jouhari and Alyssa Stonoha, is as surreal as you’d expect from an Adult Swim show. It’s strange and wonderful and a fantastically funny ride. Naturally, the Sherman’s Showcase “Black History Month Spectacular” airing in a month that is not, in fact, Black History Month is a joke that kind of writes itself. All around, it was probably the least funny year I’ve ever had to live through—either this, or that year Jackie Mason’s Chicken Soup was on ABC for like two months. For those who adored The Favourite, writer Tony McNamara is back with “an occasionally true story” for Hulu focused on the rise of Catherine the future great, when she was just “a 20-year-old who’s been in Russia six months, and who—with the aid of a drunken general, an angry maid, and a nervous bureaucrat—is going up against the violent regime that is Peter’s empire,” (as one character succinctly states).

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